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Take all the effort and hard work out of shopping for a health insurance plans in Wyoming.  Let us do it for you by shopping the top rated health insurance carriers to find a plan that fits your needs and budget.  And best of all we do it for FREE!

To get started, please fill out more information about you and those who you wish to insure and copy and paste it and Email it to me at:  That's all there is to it.  Once I receive your CONFIDENTIAL information,  I will then find the company among the A- rated (and above) health insurance carriers that I am licensed to do business with,  and discover which one will get you the best benefits, and at the lowest premiums.  Then I will Email you the results for your consideration and include information on how to apply for the policy if you desire to do so.  So lets get started, shall we?  This is the information that I'll need:

Your Name:

Your Zip Code and/or your complete Address:

Your telephone number: (I will not call you except in the event that I need to clarify your information)

Your Date of Birth:

Do you use tobacco products?

Your height and weight:

Describe any medications you are currently using? (or used in the past 6 months)

Describe any health history issues? (ie: high blood pressure, cancer, depression,etc)

What deductible would you like?

When would you like the new plan to go into effect?

What benefits would you like on your plan? (ie: R/x drugs, Accident benefit,etc)

Who is current health insurance carrier?

What is your current premiums?

What is your current deductible?

Please add any additional information that you would like to include and be sure to give this information for everyone else who will be on your new plan.

If you would prefer to speak to me directly, rather than through Email, please call me at (307) 332-5553, between 9-5, Monday-Friday.

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